Love Hurts

I wrote this song as a mark of sympathy for a friend and neighbour who's partner had left them.

My friend was in a same sex relationship and was devastated when her partner left her after what had seemd to be a strong and hopefully lasting love.

We sat talking one afternoon a few weeks after the break up. I was moved by her words as she told me what it felt like and asked repeatedly 'Why has she gone and left me all alone' She said that a huge part of the pain came from simply missing her. She had thought that the love would never end.There were lies, which incredible to my friend had been said while looking into her eyes. She said she wouold never feel the same again and many other things like that.

That night I kept thinking about her, about her obvious pain, her tears, and her potent words that seemed to just about sum up what love can do when it goed bad. I wrote down some of the things she had said and soon had the basis of a song. The music, and especially the guitar, emerged from my empathy with my griends pain and loss.


Best wishes


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