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5x ww image An introduction to the ageless wisdom and it’s relevance in daily life.

Set of five CDs

The writer fires the imagination and explains H P Blavatsky’s propositions in 'The Secret Doctrine'

He then goes on to explore their implications in our lives.

Narrated in plain language, this course in seven sessions

This is a must-have for all serious students of the Ageless Wisdom.

1: 'Why We Need The Wisdom Teachings'. 2: 'Cosmogenesis'.

3: 'Anthropogenesis'. 4: 'Law'. 5: 'The Way'. 6: 'The Way continued'.'  7: 'Last Bits and Summing Up'.  


 3x cover              

                 This is an Audio and Interactive Course in 6 sessions looking at the main forms of Meditation - the methods, the practice, the purpose and the goals.

  Each session includes some practice as well as theory. There are five subject sessions –

   1. Mindfulness
   2. Guided meditation
   3. Meditation with seed.
   4. Meditation in nature.
   5. Meditation as life.

Plus - Extra CD - Journey with the author to the secret world of trees.

4x cover

           AN AUDIO COURSE IN EIGHT SESSIONS.            

 1: 'Introduction'. 2: 'Hierarchies'. 3: 'The Dark and the Light   Angels'. 4: 'Planetary Angels, Astrology, and Faeries'. 5: 'The Recorders, Karma, and Dharma'. 6: 'Angel     Encounters'. 7: 'Origins'. 8: 'Angels Are Us'.

      "The whole Kosmos is guided, controlled and animated by an almost endless series of hierarchies of sentient beings, each having a mission to perform".                      (H.P.B. – Secret doctrine vol.1)

Knowledge of the hierarchies and elemental beings, as the hidden forces within nature, has been so difficult to understand that few writers have approached the subject in any depth. The conventional view has made them into beneficial forces which are subject to our desires.

‘This course attempts to look closer at what they really are. Emissaries of the Divine Mind, sowing and reaping the harvest of life. ~ Builders of the Kosmos. ~ Guardians of eternity.’  


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There is no death, only a progressive cycle of lives, that one day as awakened souls we will remember.

This course takes us into the after-life experience and the spiritual sojourn beyond.

LIFE AFTER LIFE is an Audio and Interactive Course on 3 CDs in 6 sessions .

1: 'Introduction'. 2: 'Life and Death'. 3: 'Life After Death'. 4: 'After Death States'. 5: 'Devachan'. 6: 'Rebirth'.


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5x covers   An introduction to other levels of awareness and Out of the Body Experience - in 10 sessions 5 Cds.

 1: 'Introduction, Methods and Practice'. 'Methods and Practice cont'. 3: 'Guidlines for Out of the Body experience - The Etheric'. 4: 'Guidelines for - the Astral'. 5: 'The Etheris Body'. 6: 'The Planes'. 7: 'Inner Senses'. 8: 'Consciousness'. 9: 'The Guardian of the Threshold'. 10: 'Angels, Masters, and Astral Helpers'.


This course is designed to help to open the inner senses, and offers practical advice on promoting out of body experiences. Our conditioning and our fears must be dispelled before we can expand our awareness into the super-sensible worlds of the astro-mental and abstract planes.

Students have found the content of the course inspiring. We need to re-define ourselves as spiritual beings, and this course goes some way to cultivating the higher view

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