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An introduction to the ageless wisdom and it’s relevance in daily life. Set of five CDs

The writer fires the imagination and explains H P Blavatsky’s propositions

in 'The Secret Doctrine' and goes on to explore their implications in our lives.

Narrated in plain language, this course in seven sessions is a must-have for all serious students of the Ageless Wisdom.

1: 'Why We Need The Wisdom Teachings'. 2: 'Cosmogenesis'. 3: 'Anthropogenesis'. 4: 'Law'. 5: 'The Way'. 6: 'The Way continued'. '7: 'Last Bits and Summing up.

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Wisdom and the Way: set of 5 CDs

All About Angels: set of 4 CDs

Astral Awareness: set of 5 CDs


The Heart of Meditation: set of 3 CDs

Life After Life: set of 3 CDs