To make the Wisdom of Theosophy available to all people.

To dismiss religious dogma, to dispel futile superstition, And to enlighten a dark and materialistic world

Written by J. Cunningham Org. Sec. for Wales



Life and Teacher - Mind the Creator - Love the Healer

The Theosophical Society - Offers interesting and inspiring talks

Theosophical principles have been restated in different ways by seers and sages throughout human history, they are the Ancient Esoteric Teachings that lie behind all religions, myths, and legends.
The Theosophical Society was formed in 1875 by H. P. Blavatsky for the purpose of making the ageless wisdom available to everyone.
It is now active in over 50 countries. -
HP Blavatsky gathered together the oldest and the most profound ancient wisdom.
She gave it to the world as Theosophy. She has been described as 'The Grandmother of the New Age'.
The Society is composed of people belonging to any belief system or to none.
Central to the Concerns of theosophy is the desire to promote understanding and brotherhood among people of all races, creeds and philosophies.
Devotion to truth, love for all living beings and commitment to a life of altruism marks the true Theosophist.
Second hand Spiritual and 'Self - Help' books are for sale at most meetings
Free Refreshments are available at meetings.
New enquirers are always welcome.

The Sprit of Truth by H.P.B.

When the artificial chilly flame of modern materialism is extinguished for lack of fuel, those for whom the great hope of existence beyond the grave is a vexation, should prepare for the greatest disappointment they could possibly have.
For out of the deep muddy waters of materiality a mystic force is rising.
It is the first rustling but it is a superhuman rustling, it is supernatural only to the superstitious and the ignorant.
The spirit of Truth is passing now over the face of the dark waters; and in parting them, is compelling them to reveal their spiritual treasures; this spirit is a force that can never be hindered and can never, never be stopped.

Be Present in all that you do Master Invocation

May those who are the embodiment of love immortal,
Bless this Society that was founded to assist their work.
May we be guided by their wisdom.
May we be strengthened by their power.
"And may we be inspired by their love.

That which is their work becomes ours -
To make the Wisdom of Theosophy available to all people.
To dismiss religious dogma, to dispel futile superstition And to enlighten a dark and materialistic world.

Starting new Theosophical Centres

New enquirers are encouraged to join the T.S. as UNATTACHED MEMBERS.
Eventually they could form new independent Centres or Lodges.
If two or more members of the TS want to start holding meetings, they should contact their local TS for advice and support.
They should also contact any people who are already members of the TS in their area to ask for support.
To begin, The Organising Secretary in Wales or the President in England will arrange a speaker and funds to pay for the hire of a room to hold a Public Meeting.
At the meeting those attending are asked if they would like to start regular meetings.
Names & details are collected Sometimes more than one public meeting is needed.

Strategy and Working Method

The Organising Secretary will provide the necessary skills to organise the group; answer enquiries, organise regular speakers, provide study materials, collect funds, take enquirers details, and provide printed adverts and program.
When the group becomes established, they will form a Committee, this will enable the group to make democratic decisions about the structure of meetings and the programme etc.
They can then become a Lodge/Branch and will be able to organise themselves.
The Lodge/Branch will be able to provide one member to represent their group and to vote on the National Council.

Finding a venue

Quaker Meeting Houses are very good, reasonable rates and have a peaceful atmosphere.
Look at places where other similar groups meet.
Private homes and public houses are unsuitable as the organisers will not have full control of the meeting.
Or who is allowed to attend.
When you choose a particular night make sure it does not clash with other popular interests in the area.
PLACE ADVERTS – posters and leaflets
Your Organizing Secretary will provide posters but you must place them - libraries, shops, and notice boards.
Find a magazine, or free sheet etc. which advertises meetings for spiritual/alternative groups.
WRITE A LETTER TO THE EDITOR saying that you intend to offer courses on Theosophy and ask him to publish it.
Email ---- Collect every new enquirers email address so that you can make an email list.
Send details of meetings by email a few days before.

Attendance Book - Register

The Attendance book serves to keep an accurate record of the meeting and those who have attended.
It has been found to be really helpful. Register -
Large A4 size - Layout - DATE, SUBJECT, SPEAKER, PRESENT, email or Phone number
Because this book is available for everyone to read It should not contain addresses.

Two Kinds of Meetings could be offered -

Public Meeting

A speaker is employed and everyone is welcome.
Lodges/Branches will thrive if they offer a varied programme, even the New Age Movement had its beginnings in Theosophy.
There are as many roads to Enlightenment as there are pilgrims.

Members Meeting

Every Lodge/Branch should hold meetings to encourage group study, and discussion of Theosophy.
The Theosophical Society encourages freedom of thought.
Study meetings can be open to none-members or kept exclusively for members only to avoid disruption of study.

Study Course by Eric McGough -

Give form and structure to members meetings. -
Encourage membership if public are invited. -
Ensure that all members understand some Theosophy.
Lodges have been using Eric's Courses to good effect.

The Course can be presented in two ways or you may find your own way.

1. Each session of the audio course is played to the group and discussion is encouraged at various points throughout the session.
At the end of the meeting the session notes are handed out as a reminder of the content of the session.
These will build into a folder of the complete course.

2. The group leader reads a paragraph or page from the notes then gives his explanation and invites discussion.
The complete course on Cds are available for sale.
Gathering to listen and discuss the sessions like this builds a strong sense of fellowship and creates an atmosphere which encourages enquirers to become members.
This helps members and enquirers to study with friends, sharing and receiving in a lodge environment rather than studying in isolation at home.
Offering a recorded AUDIO study course is a good way of starting a group and for regenerating a failing lodge.

A Study course is -

    • A series of talks which promotes discussion.
    • In a form which is not afraid of using new terms and concepts but that introduces them gradually.
    • Inspiring to all. Containing insight for the beginner and deep enough to hold the interest of the veteran.

Course Notes

There are a four or five pages of notes to be given out to each person at the end of each session.
Do not give out the notes at the beginning of the meeting, they will start reading them and their attention may be lost.
Course notes are a helpful reminder of what has been said and eliminate the necessity of taking notes.
Students can then give their full attention to the speaker.
The notes can be downloaded free.
They will then have to be duplicated for giving to each student.
This can be done a session at a time by printing from a computer or photo copying at local stores.

Founding a Lodge or Branch of the Theosophical Society in Wales. -

The organising Secretary will encourage established groups to become a Lodge/Branch and to organise themselves
but he/she is always ready to step in and help in any capacity.

The Theosophical Society in Wales - National Rules

Every group Lodge or Branch is subject to the Rules of the TS in WALES and to decisions made by the democratically elected Welsh Regional Council.
The Regional Organising Secretary.
Membership applications must be submitted to the Organising Secretary.
‘Membership of the TS is at the discretion of the Organising Secretary"(National Rules 6b) ‘
'The Organising Secretary will advise on the implementation of the National Rules and can take the chair at any meeting".(National Rules 18)
The National Treasurer. Receives the annual subscriptions of every member, payable to the '‘Theosophical Society in Wales'.

In ENGLAND -  The Green Book

England has produced a handbook for Lodges the 'Green Book' which is A VERY COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE and contains detailed information about the structure, organisation and rules of the English Section.

Contact 50 Gloucester Place LONDON W1U 8EA
Tel - 020 7563 9817

The President of the English TS will assist in the setting up and running of public lectures, meetings, Study Centres, and Lodges/Branches