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You have written your novel. You want to publish it independently - Amazon, Smashwords and so on. It's in draft form and you need it edited but are put off by the high prices of editors and proofreaders. There is absolutely no point in sending it to an agent or publisher because neither will even look at an unedited ms. In any case, self-publishing is by far the rout of choice now, even for many established authors. It is easier, will cost you far less, and the royalties are higher per unit cost. But you are heading for failure if you don't have quality editing and proofreading.

 I can help! I've been where you are now and I found it all very stressful. I tried several times to edit my book myself using word's spell checker and other software and still, there were typos that I and they missed. Not only that, but there were other issues not showing up - grammar, syntax and poor or even bad sentence structure. I had to learn. I had no other choice. I stuck at it until I was beating all editing programs by a mile. A friend had written three books of a trilogy and had paid for editing and proofreading for the first book (70.000 words). I offered to check it after the editing and found joined together words, missing and unnecessary commas, missing semicolons, missing quote marks, sentences making no sense, and many typos or spelling mistakes. He had paid over £400 for that. I would have charged £70. There are editing services currently being offered on the web at £50 per 1000 words! It's your choice, your money, and you win or lose.

You can not see all of your errors or your poor writing styles because you are too close to the work. What you see when you read your prose is what you know should be there - you wrote it, and you SEE it - even though it is not really there. This is why authors of any note always use an editor/proofreader. If you just do it yourself, readers will spot the errors a mile off and that then reflects very badly on your work. Nothing should be allowed to get in the way of your excellent plot, characters, and drama. Your poor editing will definitely do that and your reviews will shout it out loud and clear. 

So, Is it just the high cost? I can certainly understand that. It is one thing for established authors to shell out for high-cost proofreading, they can afford it. But you are just starting out. You have put an enormous amount of time, blood, sweat, and tears to get the story finished. If you don't get the draft edited you will spend as much, if not more, time trying to get it published. (I can help you with that as well.)

£5 - £10 per thousand words is not uncommon and many are much higher. BUT I WILL EDIT YOUR FIRST DRAFT FOR £1 PER THOUSAND. Now if I could have got myself an editor's services for that pricing I would have jumped at it. It would have saved me hundreds of hours of grinding hard work and a lot of misspent money into the bargain.

Interested? Well, get your work moving now by contacting me with details of your ms - genre, publishing aims traditional or independent, paperback, e-book, and Word count. email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 I wish you well with your writing and successful publishing.