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Intuition - Solar Fire

follow your intuitionWe humans are endowed with two kinds of mind. These are commonly referred to as lower mind and higher mind, but esoteric science has other names. Two of these names are, respectively, Lunar and Solar. The Lunar mind is linked with the emotional nature, or lunar aspect, and seeks pleasure, satisfaction, and expression in the physical world. The Solar mind is linked with the Buddhi nature, and seeks perfect expression of spiritual ideals.

The True faculty of intuition is manifest through the Solar mind via its connection with the intelligence of pure spiritual beings. These beings, ‘Solar Angels’, who’s consciousness is Solar fire, are known as Agnishwatta Pitris, a compound of two Sanskrit words – agni, ‘fire’ and shvatta, ‘tasted’ or ‘to sweeten’ – therefore, one who has tasted or been sweetened by fire. As ‘fire’ in esoteric science is used to denote light, consciousness, wisdom, intelligence, and mind these Solar Angels are the source from which we as self-aware beings derive intelligence in its many forms.

In recent years many references have been made to our ‘Guardian Angels’. The idea is that each of us has a guardian angel looking over us, and therefore protecting us from all manner of ills. But this does not seem to be the case, not when we look around at all the evils that befall humanity the world over. Where is the guardian angel of a child when she is tortured by terrorists? Surely no guardian angel would fail to protect an innocent child? The fact of the matter is that the word ‘guardian’ is a substitute for the original description - ‘guiding’. The angel, that each of us possess, is our Solar Angel, which will guide us via the faculty of intuition, once we have developed it.

Intuition must be developed in us from its latent state or potential. To do this we must learn to focus our awareness in our higher (Solar) mind. This is the level of mind that is connected to Buddhi. Our Buddhic vehicle is our body of Spiritual fire or divine wisdom. We all have a thread of intuition already developed - not that we pay much attention to it most of the time. This is commonly known as our conscience, the tiny voice in the back of our heads that nibbles away at us with do’s and don’ts; in other words, trying to guide us. If we want to develop our intuition, a good place to start would be to pay real attention to the voice of our conscience.

From this it can be seen that we posses divine wisdom within us, and that this has not been tainted by involvement in the lower worlds. It is this connection, directly to the source of spiritual wisdom that is the attainment of the ascended Masters.

The Lunar mind also has an inner connection, and this is often mistakenly referred to as intuition when in fact it is instinct. Instinct is not a spiritual power, it is psychic, and was evolved aeons ago as a survival tool. As mankind developed the power of intelligence (courtesy of the Solar Angels) there was less need for psychic abilities, and these gradually became dormant.

The Solar mind is where we deal with abstract notions. It is here, in the higher reaches of mind, where we think philosophy, theoretical physics, meditation, and where we indulge in creative pursuits such as art, music, and awareness of mystical states. Intuition often plays a decisive part in these pursuits. At such times we say ‘it was pure inspiration’, or ‘I don’t know where the idea came from. It just popped into my mind’. Often we will refer to a creative work as ‘inspired’. Inspired is the word we use when we don’t understand what has happened or where an idea came from, but it is really an example of the uncontrolled power of intuition.

The Masters have said that the true key to their secrets is the controlled use of Intuition. Through many lifetimes of deliberate and self directed evolution, taking full responsibility for their own spiritual growth, through the practice of high moral ethics and with disciplined study of the esoteric sciences; they have elevated themselves far above the rest of us in both wisdom and compassion. The fruit of this dedicated and prolonged work is full control of the lower mind and a high degree of intellectual capacity, the power to work in abstract principles at the creative centre of higher mind, and direct contact with the divine intelligence and the Wisdom Teaching.

Intuition reveals to the Masters the living experience of the ‘One Life’. Their password is Brotherhood. Their motive is compassion for all life. Their aim is the awakening of all souls to their divine inheritance. It is because of these things that they have released Part of the Wisdom Teaching to humanity. By giving out these teachings they hope to bring more of us into direct line with the divine plan, and encourage us to ascend by our own efforts to higher levels of consciousness and power.

We can take up this work; it is not too hard for us to make the next step. Each new step, each new challenge is a call to perfection that we can follow just as the Masters have done before us. Our own connection to spiritual intuition lies just below the surface of our everyday minds; it is covered up by our feelings of mortality, our fears, and our addiction to self-interest. By studying the Wisdom Teaching we can gradually replace the illusions generated by our lunar minds as they are supplanted by the illumination which a developing solar mind brings. In this way we can start to gain real mastery of our thought processes, truly taking charge of our minds and evicting the Squatters of self interest and greed, most of which are the work of others whose interest is to keep us ignorant of spiritual truths.

Self-liberation is the only liberation, because no one else can do it for us. In this most worthy of tasks the development of the latent power of intuition lying deep within us is paramount. Without it we are left with no option but to take the word of others, and there is no end of conflicting opinion out there in today’s pseudo spiritual gold rush.

Eric McGough




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